The last major battles – A message from the elves world

The last major battles before the ultimate attack mankind act out on each other takes place

Assaults time is about to end but before that it shall reach a climax we do not expect

Elf peoples united yesterday

They stopped the wars and disagreements and have decided to act together for  a future of unity

The time of the split is over in that world

The world of mankind will experience the division and disagreement for a while yet

But even here it calms down then

Here, however, is a greater one needed who stops that and put en end for real

Three times the Earth will be shaken than

Soon it’s time for the third time

Many sense this now

Everyone knows it really, deep down, but they can not reach it conscious

Soon, however, the memories will be seen even with the intellect that is so well-used among people so it locks the expression and perception of life as a whole

It is tiring to look at the humans

But, well, they learn anyway

All the negative experiences they make are ultimately beneficial for them and for other people as examples

Now when the elves are united the last gate is closed, which excluded the energies the shift acting with

Now when the elves are united and the twins are united, the final stage is here and we just need to count the days, not months, until it becomes unsustainable on the surface of the Earth

Mankind is going too far this time

Those who will survive and move on will find the ark within themselves

They will find security and livelihood and hope to keep them alive

They will be strong and free people

Similar to each other and yet so different

They will stand next to each other not over or under each other

They will see the truth and change attitude

They will grow into a new world with new conditions, with love and sense that leads to the future

A future that illuminates the Earth’s existence, and does not darken it

It is this humanity has been waiting for and soon it will happen

The road there goes through hard and rough times

But the road there goes also through love, hope and joy

The new is so nice so every one will try to get forward and find the way within themselves

The elves world greets humanity to find the way with them jointly

We would like to support you in any way we can

We have gone through the darkness and found the way forward in our lives and in our villages it is peace

We have the knowledge and ability to help them who shall go through the darkness on Earth now

Just be forward and ask for help

We are around you and we are not out of reach for you

We hear and see your suffering, do not forget that on your way


The elves messenger greets this to mankind

Unfortunately aware that not everyone will listen and many will laugh at this

Unfortunately aware of the sadness of the souls of those who see and those who know among you

Choose the right path