We had a very beautiful and important day in the forest at Hallandsåsen one years ago. The forest, the tent, our time together, opening, healing, honoring and profoundly liberating. Great gratitude. Martin Andersson Båstad.”


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“Me and some friends had an unforgettable day and evening last summer with Ellen and Anders! Hope to do it again soon !!”


“Two years ago, we would start the groundwork for permanent residence on our summer cottage plot. To prepare nature we hired Ellen and Anders.
Now we have sawn down three hundred trees, blasted and bulldozed several months.
Everything has gone well and the results have been above expectations.”


“Last night, I wrote down some points about what you, Ellen, meant:
-Listened to my problem, seen more, given clarity, help to find a good course of acting forward.
-helped me help myself increasingly
-helped me clear away bad energy in me, gave new energy
-examinated the state of my homes
Certainly more, but fantastic, I think, what you meant to me.

The meeting with Anders and you together was new to me. You invited to a learning process where we all would join in like in a dance and share learning. A brand new learning
I would encourage to enter the “dance”.
For me it’s different forms: consultation where to get help and advice and a learning process that is shared even if you still have control responsibility. “

Lisbeth Birgersson – December 2016


“Well, it feels, I’ve got my life and the power returned, and it is only in one day!
I wrote immediately and thanked NN for the hint to contact you.
Earlier in the last 5 years, I have been in contact with both shaman and medium
but received the reply that it impossible to help me so I had no great expectations …..
but jeez what I was mistaken.
My heart is filled with joy and warmth, and I now see opportunities again.
I thought for a while that I would be destroyed by grief, for that was how I felt …. someone ate me up slowly but surely, and I have always been sure that it was my mother who doesn’t let go!

Now I look forward to getting my health back, to get outdoors again and, what I really want to,
et my dog ​​back. Most, I look forward to following my boys and their “girls”.
Thank you once again and I would be glad to contact you again! “

GF – 2014


“I have in recent years participated in different classes of Ellen. Through these I have been able to deepen my spiritual development, and things have fallen in place for me.
In the courses I have received many valuable tools to see more clearly in different situations and phenomena. I have had the opportunity to have contact with various helpers and energies. I have further trained to self be able to act for me (and my surroundings) to help me feel as good as possible.
The classes I have gone with a smaller number of participants. This means that there has been a very safe situation. Through this we became close to each other, though it was easier for participants being open and genuine. That at a deeper level to work together and share experiences with each other, being more than one means that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”
I am so happy and grateful that I got this opportunity. I have become a more whole and better
My opinion is that Ellen is working lovingly and humbly – in the service of humanity. “

LR – 2013

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