Donation basis

What does it mean that we’re working on a donation basis?

We wish a donation for energy balancing. This gift should be money.

This means that you choose the size of the donation tailored to your own financial situation.

If you have the opportunity, we are happy if you sent 850 SEK (ca 85 € or $) or more if you so wish, when there is no other specification.

Different events have different amounts guideline. You will find the amount in the different descriptions.
We pay taxes that means 25% VAT are included in the donation and other taxes will be deducted, so it remains about 35% for us.

I you don’t have good financial possibilities you can customize the gift so you know that it feels right for you.

No one should be excluded due to financial problems and no one should feel obliged to give more than he / she can afford. You should not feel that your gift is too small!

We are happy to help you and the energy equalization is just to equalize and show appreciation. It also enables us to continue to help and act for people. We are working full-time with Between Worlds.

Be sure to give something even if it’s only little. It is a symbol and it is important for to get it right in the energies even for you.

You can sent your donation with bank transfer or with PayPal.

We will give you more information when booking.