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Time flies as usual

Time flies as usual
If one as I do, follow the moon, it will not be slower either …
Soon it is full moon in January
That tends to be a good and quiet time
– on the outside
Watch the nature
It rests
It is quiet in the exterior and a lot going on in the interior
Much happens where not everyone can see

We will meet a lot of people in the near future
It’s so fun to interact with others and meet new insights and experiences

Soon it’s time for the tipi again
We will probably get a little cold outside but inside the tipi, it will be nice and warm
It will for sure be fine days

What are humanity and the Earth and all beings do now in January?
Yes, … I think everyone is taking breath and hopes it stays pretty quiet still for a while
Mankind is putting itself in a bad situation
You notice that at all levels
Both in ordinary life and in the great political and charitable contexts can you be surprised how people think and behave
But you know – I tend to tell you that – it’s fear
There is much happening due to the fear that lies beneath
Sure, it may look as if it is the other emotions which control more, but have you thought about how it looks inside of the tiny figure holding so tightly in it’s hatred, it’s lust for power and it’s greed?
Yes, it is so scared

Feels that the hatred is the only thing that protects maybe
Feels maybe if you lift away the hate, then the naked little creature will die defenseless
It is also not accustomed to receive love
Now, I mean love that doesn’t have a purpose and are not demanding or oppressive
Love that doesn’t need to get something in exchange
I mean real love
One only
found occasionally visible on Earth, but the one that is in all of us

Full Moon
Yes, what conveys it this time
Watch out and try to realize what you want to do
Meet resistance with equanimity
Try to be patient with those who do not really see the world and the situation like you do
We can only look out from the place we are in and it’s so different for everyone, right?
We all have always something to learn from each other