Ellen and Anders

Between Worlds started as a collaboration between Anders Nordbö and Ellen Sjödin.

Since several years, they work in contexts around the Shift of the Sun and the Ages.

Both personal development path has led them to deep insights and opened their understanding of people’s needs for help and support on their way. It grew out of a inward openness that makes it possible to help in a different way.

mms_20150822_184244Ellen has since 2008 worked under the name Solhjulet/SunWheel. Ellen worked to help and lead people in different life situations. Through this time she became a mentor to many who themselves experience the worlds and are working in some way to support other’s development path. She assisted at the crossroads, was an advisor, healer or psychic advisor and has extensive expertise in various areas of society.

Anders came into this context and they began to work together, first in occurrences around Mother Earth and then with each other and with individuals.

Anders started up on his own and acted as within the same workspace as Ellen.mms_20150822_184200

Since 2015 they ran a joint corporation under the name of Between Worlds which then led into the current company with the same name.

Ellen and Anders personal development has gone hand in hand with their work. Their way is not easy to describe. Much focus is on the changes around Earth and shift. Between Worlds act on commitment on Earth.

The most important commission Ellen och Anders act in here on Earth is helping to create the energetic prerequisites for the shift of the Sun and the Earth we just now are experiencing.  During the last years they have been working on this and have a strong collaboration with their helpers on different levels. The energies they act with had to start with his entry to the Earth’s energy through Sirius and Betelgeuse. Now both their energies go through Sirius because Betelgeuse is about to enter the next stage and will not be active anymore in these contexts. This is part of the shift and the healing that takes place around the Earth.

Another commitment is to guide and bring people to healing and greater insights. Between Worlds work both in a personal meeting and remotely.

If you meet both or one of them as a client then the most important goal is your personal development. Between Worlds teaches always as much as possible of the contexts they work within and tries to give you the tools to be able to help yourself easier.

Between Worlds does not offer complete training, but each meeting is part of a learning process. From time to time they invite to theme nights and occasional training sessions.

Anders Nordbö and Ellen Sjödin offers workshops and consultations and traveling to enable meetings.

In order to enable to help as many people as possible and to give everyone a chance for a collaboration, Between Worlds works for an energy balance on donation basis. No donation is too small.

If you have questions or are interested to meet Anders and / or Ellen, you are welcome to contact Between Worlds.