What does Between Worlds work with?

In meetings with us, remotely or personal, it’s not just about a problem or an issue we are looking at. It’s not just about helping you with exercises and texts or to give you information.
It’s about to go deep.
We look at your life patterns and ways of life not only in this life, but patterns found also in past lives.

In all our meetings with people we convey energies that changes the conditions.
We help to dissolve blockages and find clarity and insight in your behavior and your experience in a profound way.

If we talk about personal development and education we are talking about helping you to find a new path in life and get a fresh start.
Regardless why you contact us, we will give you surprising insights and thinking.

We work intuitively and freely in our way, with our conditions. We don’t act on the basis of some established methods or systems.
We always act on the basis of the help you need right now. We act on different levels to give you the opportunity for a change and maybe a much needed fresh start.

Be prepared for a personal work with us not only can change you and your outlook on life, but also affects your surroundings.